Emily W. Liu

Self-leadership Mentor in Love & Leadership, Author, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

From Pharma Sales Rep to LOVE, SEX & LEADERSHIP Mentor

I teach you how to be an amazing Self-led leader through the doorway of taking your love life to the next level with closeness, pleasure and ecstatic experiences.

I "accidentally" found my life's calling after a 27-year pharmaceutical sales career with Pfizer. (If you're curious about all the "OMG... I can't believe this happened!" twists and turns that led to discovering my life's work, then watch these videos.) 

An "Unexpected" Edgy Book

I went through a challenging journey of facing my shadows and inner gremlins. The lessons learned inspired my brand and my second book, a leadership fable.

Learn More About Book

Life Changing "Chance" Encounter!

In March, 2018, three months into writing CLIMAX: Why Great Leaders Need Love Affairs, the Universe decided to orchestrate a "collision" (in a Whole Foods parking lot) with a Stanford/Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, whom I only recognized as a speaker from a conference. After 3 hours of getting to know each other, Percy Ballard, MD (also trained in Internal Family Systems) and I launched Great Love and Sex Through IFS YouTube channel. We go into juicy, deep, sexy, vulnerable conversations and role plays to show you how to achieve fierce intimacy.

This Video Illustrates How Deep Percy & I Go to Solve Your Love Challenges

I am . . .

  • a graduate of Cornell University (1984);
  • a former 27-year Pfizer pharmaceutical sales rep; 
  • the founder of Soar to Greatness Now LLC;
  • trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Self-leadership framework (Levels 1 & 2);
  • an open book, where I share my life's stories on the Emily W. Liu YouTube channel. 
  • LinkedIn

"How to be Unafraid to Shine in Your Spotlight"

February 2017 workshop at Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference. (Hear my story and the power of the Internal Family Systems Self-leadership framework to break through your internal blocks.)


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