Where Did "Don't Trust Men" Belief Come From? [IFS Session]

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

Find the root cause of bad relationship patterns and overcome it for good. Learn the pivotal childhood incident that caused JB to take on the belief "Can't Trust Men" and how she erased this belief. Learn more about how Internal Family Systems can fix every area of your life:
[0:55] JB’s relationship status
[1:25] Current beliefs about men
[1:40] “Men ________; Men always __________; Men will _________; Men are _________”
[2:30] Friday night blues…
[4:00] The critical inner chatter that would happen if a nice guy was in front of JB
[5:45] Girlfriends’ feedback about JB’s attitude
[6:18] Stages of spiritual love
[8:00] What prevents surrendering into the polarities of love
[10:00] How JB’s Protectors make her react to men
[11:20] What JB’s Protectors look like
[12:50] How she feels towards her Protectors
[14:00] How her body reacts to her Protectors
[16:00] Getting connected to her Protectors
[17:55] The job of these Protectors in romance

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REAL Reason Why Men Pull Away From Commitment (He Didn't Know It Was THIS Reason) | [IFS Session]

ifs session Jul 29, 2019

Why do men pull away from commitment when a relationship is going well? What causes one foot in and one foot out in relationships?

This roleplay goes DEEP to uncover the ROOT CAUSES of the part that is responsible for running away.

[32:00] Learn why there's a push-pull dynamic of chasing the crumbs of validation and running away from rejection.

[36:40] Demo of Self-led vulnerable conversation to talk about fear of commitment.

* * *

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How to Be Unafraid to Shine in Your Spotlight

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

February 2017 : Workshop at the Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business Conference. (This talk describes my backstory and the power of the Internal Family Systems Self-leadership model.)

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