Soar to Greatness in LOVE and in LEADERSHIP through Confident Vulnerability

Most of us want closeness, pleasure, and great intimacy in love. This can be achieved through confidently and vulnerability expressing ALL of your emotions and thoughts. However, this level of vulnerability, radical honesty and authenticity requires warrior courage. You can gain this courage through the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Self-leadership framework. 

When you know how to speak for all parts of you in dating and relationships, you can use the same confident vulnerability framework to become an impactful "real" leader everyone loves to work for.

Greatness in LOVE and in LEADERSHIP

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Self-leadership framework (developed by psychologist Richard Schwartz, PhD), is the evidence-based, cutting-edge secret sauce to help you break through the internal blocks that hold you back from fearless self-expression and vulnerability in love and in leadership.

180 Degree Flip from the Norm

Many leadership books and trainings say, "This is how you can be a great leader. And... by the way... you can also apply these techniques in personal relationships."

I'm doing a 180 from the norm. Instead of teaching you how to be a great leader at work, I teach you how to be a Self-led compassionate and courageously vulnerable romantic partner.


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